Bank Account and Sort Code Validation API: Release Notes

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17 May 2024

V1.1.0 - May 2024 latest

Added sandbox environment for API testing and development. Extended our Swagger/Open API documentation to include error message schema and sandbox server.

  • All endpoints now return appropriate Status property in the return object.
  • Sandbox environment added for API to aid in development and testing of integrations.
  • Documentation update: Responses for 400 and 404 status codes updated with JSON schema. Additional details for sandbox environment added, including valid sandbox data.
  • All API response properties updated to be consistent case.

V1.0.5 - February 2024

A minor version release to add a 'Status' property to the API response object

  • Status field from the API provided with every response, can be Valid, Invalid or Error.

V1.0.4 - December 2023

A minor version release to fix parameter validation

  • Bug fixed: non-numeric input data now provides a 400 response from the API.

V1.0.3 - November 2023

A minor version release, adding new functionality for SEPA Support in Germany

  • We now ingest bank branch data for Germany, allowing us to validate German bank branches and supply related data.
  • IBAN validation API will return new payment types for SepaMember and SepaDirectDebit for Germany.

V1.0.2 - July 2023

A minor release inlcuding bug fixes and customer requests, including new features:

  • Additional checks for IBAN, that include national check digit validation for the following countries:
    • Albania
    • Belgium
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Croatia
    • Czechia
    • East Timor
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • France
    • Hungary
    • Iceland
    • Italy
    • Mauritania
    • Monaco
    • Montenegro
    • North Macedonia
    • Norway
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • San Marino
    • Serbia
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Spain
    • Tunisia

V1.0.1 - April 2023

Initial release, including sort code and account validation algorithms for UK and Ireland.

  • Sort code and account number validation.
  • IBAN validation for all participating IBAN countries.
  • Address lookup for all UK and Ireland banks.
    • National Westminster Bank
    • Clydesdale Bank
    • Nationwide Building Society
    • The Co-operative Bank
    • Citibank
    • Halifax
    • Santander UK
    • Bank of England
    • Bank of Scotland
    • Barclays Bank
    • The Royal Bank of Scotland
    • Lloyds Bank
    • TSB
    • HSBC Bank
    • Reliance Bank Limited
    • Atom Bank
    • Gibraltar International Bank
    • Fidor Bank UK
    • Starling Bank
    • Monzo
    • Bank of Ireland
    • Northern Bank
    • Allied Irish Banks (UK)
    • Ulster Bank
  • Payment scheme participation for all UK and Ireland banks.