Bank Account and Sort Code Validation: The Key to Reliable Payments

Read time: 3 mins

Last updated: 17 August 2023

For businesses of all sizes, reliable payments are critical to maintaining positive cash flow and a healthy bottom line. Unfortunately, one common obstacle that businesses face when processing payments is inaccurate bank account information. Whether due to typos, outdated records, or fraud, incorrect bank account details can lead to bounced payments, fees, and unhappy customers.

That's where bank validation comes in. Bank validation is the process of verifying bank account information to ensure that it's accurate and up-to-date. By using advanced technology and data sources, bank validation services can quickly and easily confirm whether a bank account exists, and is able to receive payments.

So how can bank validation help your business?

1. Avoid Bounced Payments and Fees

When payments bounce back due to incorrect bank account details, it not only disrupts your cash flow but also incurs fees from banks and payment processors. These fees can add up quickly and eat away at your profits. By validating bank account information before processing payments, you can avoid these costly mistakes.

Using Mintly's software to check account numbers for bank

2. Reduce Fraud Risk

Fraudsters often use fake bank account details to receive payments and then disappear without delivering the goods or services promised. Bank validation services can help prevent this type of fraud by detecting fake or suspicious bank account information and alerting you to potential risks.

3. Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Customers expect fast and accurate payment processing. When payments are delayed or bounced back due to incorrect bank account details, it can damage your reputation and lead to unhappy customers. By using bank validation services, you can ensure that payments are processed quickly and accurately, leading to happier customers and improved customer retention.

4. Improve Compliance

Using a system to validate bank accounts can help your business be compliant with AML and KYC regulations. You'll know that the account your paying or requesting payment from is valid and accepts the payment type you need, before processing the payment.

5. Reduce costs and improve efficiency

Reducing the need for manual account validation is a huge cost saving. By automating the process you'll see that fewer errors are made, and more time can be spent adding value to your business. With the development of cloud compute services, bank account validation can now be offered at low and competative prices, adding value to your business.


In conclusion, bank validation is a crucial tool for any business that processes payments. By avoiding bounced payments and fees, improving efficiency, reducing fraud risk, and enhancing customer satisfaction, bank validation services can help businesses maintain a reliable and healthy cash flow. If you're not already using bank validation services, consider incorporating them into your payment processing workflow today.

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