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Check bank account data, before payments become problems

Reduce fraud and failed payments by verifying sort codes and account details. Seamlessly integrate our fast, enterprise-scalable account checking APIs and tools to enhance your business.

Mintly can be used as a sort code checker and bank account check tool

Why Mintly for bank account validation?

In the pursuit of precision and reliability, Mintly stands out for several reasons:

  • Check bank account data
  • Check IBAN and SWIFT
  • Fetch address & postcode
  • Confirm payment types
  • Reduce failed payments
  • Improve cash flow
  • Build customer satisfaction
  • Better customer onboarding
Free trial
  • Full functionality*
  • Cancel any time
  • API and web access
  • Superb docs and guides

How it works

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"In January 2024, we validated over 100,000 account numbers and 45% proved to be incorrect! Our clients save on average £50 per account, this amounts to a potential £2.25M saving for our customers."

Source: Mintly API Stats

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Check bank account data easily

Whether your business is sending or receiving payments, you need to be confident that payment details are correct. We take the hassle away and check sort codes, account numbers and IBAN for correctness and ensure you know which payment types each account supports.

  • Check IBAN, sort code and account numbers are valid with our web UI or advanced API
  • Check sort codes and return the bank details, allowing users to double check, further reducing payment issues
  • Returns the payment types that a bank branch accepts, including BACS, CHAPS, Faster Payments, Direct Debit/Credit and ICS
  • Includes a Zapier integration, allowing a "no code" solution that can be used with your existing business workflows
  • Works for all UK and Ireland bank and building society accounts, and data updated weekly. We also validate all IBAN, from all participating countries.
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Get started fast: we have a simple API with Open API 3.0 standards, and example code in many languages. You can also try our Zapier integration!

Our customers

Our customers see automation as the future. Automation means improved efficiency, lower costs and less time dealing with problems.

Anywhere that sort codes and account numbers are collected will benefit from validation, and Mintly can help! We keep our database updated with the latest data and algorithms so that you can focus on your core business. Our highly available bank account checking APIs return data with double-digit millisecond latency, and we only charge you for what you use. Mintly offers the best bank account and sortcode finder.

Helping you check sort codes and accounts with our API or website

Whether your business is already tech-savvy and has its own team of developers, or you are a tech novice, we have a solution that fits you.

Our trusted algorithms and data are updated weekly so that you can be assured that your checks are accurate.

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Advanced APIs for seamless integration

If you have a development team, send them over to our API documentation and they can get coding straight away. Our APIs comply with modern standards and are fully documented.

Easy to use site

If you don't have a team of developers we can still help; login to our secure website to manually validate your sort codes, account numbers, IBAN and SWIFT codes.

Start using our bank account and sort code checker service today.

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Reasons why you might need a bank account checker:

Avoid bank fees

Bounced and failed payments mean more cost for your business. Checking account number data in advance saves time and money.

Reduce fraud

By using a sort code checker, you find out the bank branch data and can confirm this with your cusomter to reduce fraud.

Customer satisfaction

When payments work first time, customers are happy and trust your business. If things go wrong it leads to lost customers.

Improve compliance

BACS requires that businesses do what they can to check data before it's submitted. Using Mintly's account checker ensures you're compliant.

Reduce costs

Checking accounts manually is costly and time consuming. Mintly API can check thousands of accounts each second, or upload in bulk and get answers straight away.

Why Mintly?

We can get you up and running fast. We can also help you integrate our API with your current systems. Our free trial is risk free, and we're here to help.

Want to find out more?

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